Hot off the press

In July 2015 I went to Suffolk to visit Clays Ltd where my book was coming off the presses. The covers and pages had been printed beforehand and I was there with my editor Francesca Best at the very moment they were bound together into one complete book.

Francesca had come armed with tissues (she knows my tendencies well), and I didn’t disappoint. At one moment I was standing in the middle of a ring of conveyor belts, all full of copies of ‘My Everything’. Standing there in my fetching high vis jacket I felt so many emotions. Pride. Joy. Sheer overwhelming whooping excitement. After years of writing and rewriting and hoping I could get published, my dream was finally real. I was in PRINT.

While I was there I signed five copies and mixed them in with the rest of the books. If you find one, please do get in touch – I’d love to know whose bookcases they travel to.